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Anchor point animation


I cant figure out how to control the anchor point animation.

In this example the scrolling is smooth when you jump to a section:

In this Example there is no scroll animation when you jump to a section:

So i wonder how to control the animation, or at least turn it on or off.

Thanks for a superior product!

Hi Eric, just going through some posts and noticed you did not get a response to this one yet. Do you still require assistance with this? I noticed the sites have been unpublished.

For smooth scrolling, you need to make sure that for each link you are using, to go to a place on your page, that you are linking to a section, and not a DIV or to a Container. So setup a section for the nav menu to link to (the Go To Section) option, and check that your sections all have unique IDs which will appear in the drop-down list of sections in the nav menu.

Cheers, Dave

Thanks a lot! I really needed assistance, This was very helpful, thanks!


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