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Anchor links only scrolling a little bit

Not sure why this is happening but my anchor link only scrolls a tiny bit. I’ve checked the height of all my containers, nothing is floating our outside the doc structure that would prevent it from being included in the stack. The sections are tagged as sections, not divs. The sections are not wrapped in another section, just a bunch of sections on top of one another. Not exactly sure what’s going on. Please halp!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Ok, I found the culprit. It’s my navbar which is set to fixed with a height of 100%. Why does that impede the scrollto action? as a fixed element, it’s sitting outside the doc structure, shouldn’t it be ignored from the calculation of the scroll?

Fixed it, I wrapped the fixed nav item in a div and that solved it. Not sure why but now it works. The nav element is set to fixed 100vh. Something in the JS is not calculating right. Would love an explanation