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Anchor Link Will Not Work...?!

No idea what to do in order to have ‘anchor link’ work and keep the height = %100, Overflow = Auto.

Need height/overflow to remain the same so that my modal will not produce ‘dual’ scroll bars…

If you turn off %100 height, then the ‘anchor link’ works… but you get dual ‘scroll’ bars on modal.

To see modal click any thumbnail under ‘projects’.

Photo is of where the ‘height and overflow’ is set on div.

Live Site :
Read Only :

@webdev Jeff! You’ve been a great help in the past with anchor links and wanted to see if you maybe could solve this one?

You helped me in this post in the past : Anchor link from dynamic item to same dynamic item on another page?

@Waldo I saw you fix some great ‘anchor link’ issues and wanted to see if you could help me out with this one?!