Anchor link showing hidden nav

I’ve got a desktop navbar and a mobile navbar. The mobile version is hidden on the desktop breakpoint by default. Once on a mobile device, the nav links switch to hamburger button and then the nav links show when the hamburger button is clicked. I recently finished a build out and all this worked flawlessly when i had the links linking to different pages on the site. the issue i’m having on my current build is instead of linking to different pages, the nav links go to anchor tags on the main page. everything is working great on mobile devices, but for some reason on desktop, when i click a link, it will not only take me to the anchored section but – and this is the part i’m having the issue with – it will also show the mobile nav links. Then if I click an anchor link again, it will then again hide the mobile nav links.

Also, for some reason the read only link is responding differently than my staging site actually is. And yes, I’m sure I’ve published all my changes.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
Here is my staging site: LINK

On your navbar_component wrapper, you have a click interaction which displays your mobile links.

Oh thank you so much! That solved it. I copied my navbar from another site build and swapped out an image and I guess somewhere along the way the interaction got applied to the entire component instead of just the hamburger button.