Anchor link scrolling to the incorrect section

I would like the second menu nav link (‘’) to scroll to the section with id ‘office-section’ when being clicked. However, if I set the nav link to be scrolled to the page section with id ‘office-section’, it scrolls to the first section (id=‘hero-section’) instead. Right now, it looks like it is working because I have that nav link set to scroll to the section below the office-section, which is the ‘play-pen-section’. How can I get the nav link to scroll to the correctly labeled section?

Here is my public share link: Webflow - angela liu

Instead of using the built in Webflow anchor you could try adding the link manually.

So it would be your URL + the #section at the end.


Hi @Angela_Liu here is simple fix.

  1. Set your Navbar 2 back to relative
  2. Set your nav flex to fixed
  3. set your office link back pointing correct id