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Anchor link don't work on desktop when i have a page load animation

I have a problem with an anchor link. I have one on the start page. But i set it as normal link (/#anchor) so it can work from any site.

Now it works not because i have a page load animation on the start page. It seems like that the animation breaks the anchor link…

Anyone an idea?

The problem is only on the desktop. On iOS devices it works.

I can’t share a link here for now…

Please add URL - No way to know without a link. Anchors should work (A feature from html1 :slight_smile: )


Thanks for your answer. I don’t now what do you mean exactly.
The address in the browser is the right one. But the site don’t move.

Here ist the link to the preview site:

The link to the anchor is in the menu and named Aktuelles
On the start page it works fine. On any other site it jumps back to the startpage with the anchor after the url but the site don’t moves down…

Try this checkbox:

Full answer by @Waldo her:

unfortunatly that does not help.

i don’t use the normal nav element. i have build my own nav because it is very complex.

but thats not the case. you can paste this link in the browser

thats the preview page with the anchor id.
that dosn’t work. the browser will stay at the top of the site (no scrolling)

this is because of the animated title on the top
when the site is loaded an you click on the link aktuelles in the menu it works fine

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