Anchor header nav links to homepage section not working

Hi all,

I am a beginner in webflow and I am currently working at my own project landing page.
I am struggling with anchoring Header (symbol) elements across all my website to a specific section of my homepage.

I have watched plenty of resources online both on youtube and on this forum but nothing seems to work in my case.
I can easily anchor to a section within the same page or anchor to any other page that is not the homepage (e.g. the blog page).
The issue is really coming from the homepage.

I’ve tried:


Nothing works. I feel like there is an issue with the slug or identification of the homepage.

Any idea on how to solve that? :pray:

Thanks to anyone willing to help

Link to project: Webflow - Dokin landing page

Hey @bombes, welcome to the Webflow forum. :webflow_heart:

Please share your read-only link so we can help you out. Thank you!

Thanks Julian! I’ve added it in my original post

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FYI, I’ve found a workaround solution, I will create separate pages for each nav link rather than anchoring to sections

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Yes, that works. I’d still like to answer your intital question though.

If you want to link to a section on your homepage, you need to enter the whole URL like this:

I have tested this and it works as expected.

Thanks, it works when you are in the homepage indeed, but not when you are in the blog page.

@bombes, please clarify what exactly you are trying to achieve.

From which page are you trying to link to where?

Blog > Homepage OR Homepage > Blog

Thank you!

from the blog page I want to be able to be redirected to a section in the Homepage.


@bombes, I have tried this on your published site and everything works as expected.

I have used this URL:

Please try to include the above URL on a link or link block on your blog and try it out.