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Anchor for tabs?


I’m working on a pricing page with monthly and annual pricing tabs.
I would like to set an anchor on these tabs so that I can get a url that would open the corresponding tab when I go that url.

Any way to do this?


Hi @chloecan,

This question was asked a few times here. You can find the answers using the search.

Answer from here:

  1. Create tabs from Tabs widget
    Style it the preferred way.
  2. Give each tab a unique class
    Only the tab itself need to be unique. The rest of the elements in the tab widget can share the same styles for a second tab widget.
  3. Select link and go to Link Settings
    Select the link you want to be aimed for the tab. In the URL field put: / slug-name/name-of-page?tab=your-tab-class

Lowcase letters must be used and white spaces between words are replaced with a ”-” (dash) !

Hi thanks for your answer. I think I don’t understand point number 2 because it’s not working.
Could you please explain?

Can’t be easier than this: :smiley:


Excellent! Thanks for this.

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