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Anchor crashes in webflow.js / wordpress


I did create a webflow design and export it to put it in wordpres theme, but got a problem. The design uses anchors to open some hidden divs / layers for contact forms. The webflow.js will call this anchor / layers trough an ID=“poppu-item”. but then he redirect to the full url.

In the wordpress this crashes the permalink so i need to put somewhere that after click the anchor needs to stop and not refresh the url but cann’t find where to change this, can somebody help?

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Hi @hathor, this thread may be helpful: Customize Webflow Anchor Scrolling Behavior/Speed @cyberdave, any ideas on how to workaround this?

Hi @thewonglv, @hathor, one thing that could be checked, is if the WP installation/setup is adding “/” to the end of the urls, perhaps this might be the issue. @hathor, do you have some public published site somewhere with the offending links so that we can see the behavior as it runs on the site? To get the errors from the console and other site layout info? Cheers, Dave

I adjusted my jquery to prevent the default anchor action and also removed the base url in the wordpress header. Now its doesn’t break the anchors anymore the problem is solved.

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Thanks a lot for pointing me to the right direction.

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