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An online portfolio I built using Webflow

A simple and minimal portfolio site that I built using Webflow a month back, and it is fully responsive! I am so amazed by the features offered by Webflow. I’m much looking forward for the multiple pages features though!

Anyway, feedback is highly appreciated.

Look nice however I found being redirected to Dribble when clicking on the images a bit annoying. Especially since Dribble doesn’t add anything. Really liked your Grid Bear logo though.

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Sweet site @darusim_ws! Very clean. We’ll be releasing multiple pages this week or next week so you’ll be able to create individual pages for your projects (so you won’t have to redirect to Dribbble as @lustandfury pointed out).

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Love your designs and like the simplicity and elegance of your webflow site. Congrats.

Nice @darusim_ws! I’m a fan too – as others have already said: clean, simple, elegant!