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An interactive decision tree

An interactive decision tree presented as a mobile engagement for an alcohol company. Like many ideas, this one never made it online… I had a bit of time so I thought id finish the illustration and try to get it working.

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Hi @moreofthesame, I seem to recall you had a published link to this site at one time, but I cannot seem to find it. Do you still have this published? This was fantastic, love to see it again :slight_smile: dave

@cyberdave is that a polite way of saying: You forgot to post a link you fool. Thanks for letting me know, I’ve updated the post with a link.


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Haha @moreofthesame, thanks for your update :slight_smile: No, not a reminder, I just happened to remember your earlier version. Great site :slight_smile:

Hahahahahah :D I love it @moreofthesame :D

thanks @bartekkustra & thanks for share wisdom on the forums

Wow @moreofthesame - this is insane - I can’t believe this is built in Webflow. My jaw is on the floor…

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Wow @moreofthesame your site and portfolio is amazing! Did you happen to create a public site profile for it?

Cheers @brryant I’ve just added the public site profile… Glad you like the work, Are you hiring? :wink:

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@moreofthesame do it!!! :wink:

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Cheers @PixelGeek… Application Sent… Fingers Crossed.

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Hey @moreofthesame you’re getting some recognition for that awesome site! It just popped up on my Muzli sample screen as some design inspiration! :smile: Good work!!!

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Cheers @Godweeno. I put it on awwwards to see what sort of traction it would get. Now I’m nerding out watching my google analytics tick over, I should probably go and get a life.


Great Site…Blew my socks off (is the expression I believe)
I really would like to know how you did it…
Can we chat somewhere?

Get a life? What’s that?


Awesome concept and crazy good execution. Shows the power of interactions and a hefty chunk of creativity. Congrats!

@TMess have a look at the public link & poke around… you will have to set the ‘overlay’ div to hidden & the ‘PageWrapper’ div to overflow visible then it should all make sense.

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Hmm… That does help
…but what scripts are you using?

No external js, there’s a very small piece of css that allows people to click through the overlay div.

Each button has a separate interaction assigned to it which moves its the content wrapper 10% left, right, up or down, but each coordinate has to be assigned separately.


Hmm… cool…
thanks for the reply…
The site just makes sense now…