An image inside a link block disappear when I use a specific URL

Hi guys!

I’ve got a problem with one of my image which is inside a link block : when I set up my link block’s URL with a specific link, the image inside disappear.

The URL which makes the image disappear :

It works perfectly with the URL “”.

Here is a video which shows the problem :

Let me know if you need anything else ! :slight_smile:

looks normal

Hey @guoshuzhang,

Thanks for the video !

I tried again 5 minutes ago on my own, and it’s still disappearing… I have no clue why. I tried to do it on a new project, from scratch. The problem is the same (I used a random image and no CSS) :

Any ideas?

send email for webflow :grinning:

It actually is simpler, than you might think - your Adblock is blocking it.
Adblock detects links, which have “ads” or similiar words inside of them and then deletes the element from the page. Try turning off your ad blocking software and try again, it works for me if I disable adblock and the built in adblock in Opera browser.

Hey @witooZ,

It works for me aswell … It was that simple? ahah, thank a lot to both of you :slight_smile:

On two of my sites pin up az and pin up , favicon does not work, only on the mobile version. I shoveled so many forums, I don’t know what to do, changed the information on the sites and then indexed, nothing. maybe someone knows what could be the matter?
The speed of the site is also very slow, the audit of the site also says that its due to this huge blocks, i have tried smushing my images, but still not working properly, tis is so upsetting(