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AmplitudeJS doesn't seem to work on Webflow?

I’m building a podcast site for a client and I’m trying to figure out something that should be so simple… I keep running into a problem with the custom code Head tag on Webflow.

AmplitudeJS should be easy to install, simply paste the code seen here on their site into the head tag on your web page.

But, whenever I do that… Nothing happens.

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You have to point to a valid file. Your current link is a 404, not found.

Try a valid source like

The source seems to work, I double checked that URL against the one I used and there’s definitely stuff there but despite fixing what was in the head tag… I’m still seeing nothing?

I’ve look at their website and it doesn’t have any instructions beyond that.

I know its possible to do it because another user has successfully created a basic example of a test site containing audio player properties. (I just can’t clone their site…)

Hey Martin, what are you expecting to happen? Importing the script is definitely only the first part of implementing such thing!

I’m expecting to see something that I can customise, anything. I can’t work blind if I don’t know what I’m working with.

Up until this point, Webflow has been great in it’s ability to work live and with plenty of visual reference. But because they’ve been inefficient in something as basic as an audio player that can call from a CDN has made this extremely difficult.

All I’m asking for is for some pointers.

It seems like you never worked with such third-party plugins? Those things are not related to webflow so you will probably need to use JavaScript, custom HTML/CSS and other things in order to get them to work, which Webflow definitely allows you to do.

The audio player won’t simply show up on your webpage once you imported the script for their services. That’s simply the first step. You probably need to create a new instance of it, style it to the way you want it and also configure everything.

Does that make sense?

Not plugins no, just embeds which tend to work perfectly fine.

My HTML and CSS is very rusty and I have zero clue how to use Javascript.

I’m not sure what you mean by “New Instance”.

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Why not leverage one of the media providers that you can easily embed right into a rich text field or element.

Any of these can be used with a simple copy and paste since Webflow uses for media embeds already.

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