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Ampersand causes email subject field to get cut short

If you include an ampersand in the text box of Webflow’s email Subject field feature, it will cut off the rest of the text in the box.




Hey @ctrav!

Thanks for reaching out :slight_smile: I’ll try to explain first why that is happening for you.

First of all, creating an email link is actually a link with mailto:. Adding a subject is a matter of adding a parameter to that link. See example below:

Now what happens is that when you add an ampersant &, you’re actually adding a second parameter there. What you could do - it’s kind of a workaround - is to use %26 instead of ampersant. That should work for you:

While you can use that workaround (and I really hope that would work for you), we’ll look into making sure that in the future you don’t have to escape characters like that in the link or form. I’ll definitely get back to you when we have a better solution for this :slight_smile:


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Hey @bart, awesome response. I opted to just say “and” in the end, but would totally love to see Webflow account for when people use escape characters in text boxes to avoid unexpected problems.


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