Amazon style Navbar

I’m trying to create a navbar that looks like amazon’s with a logo on the left, wide search bar in the center, cart link with number of items on the right, and navigation links below the searchbar in the middle.

this is how far I have got, but am not sure whether it needs to be created with a grid layout and am stuck with replicating the navigation links and positioning them correctly.
Can anyone help me?


Nice job getting to this point. For the navigation links under the search bar, I would probably use flexbox. You just need a div to wrap around all of the links like a container. If you haven’t used flex before, check out this great Webflow University tutorial:

Hope that helps! Let me know if you get stuck.

Thanks for that parker

I’m struggling to add the div to the navigation bar.
Tell me, is there something wrong with how i’ve built it?

Could you share me on your read-only link?

I think you’re set up correctly, but I can jump in and look!