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Amazon AWS Marketplace Integration

Hi - I’m trying to use Webflow to integrate with Amazon AWS Marketplace. I’m trying to figure out how to support the integration described here:

Specifically, I’m interested in how to go about implementing this section:

When you listed your product, you provided a URL to your registration landing page. We use that URL to redirect customers to your registration landing page after they subscribe using HTTPS. The registration landing page needs to be able to accept a token from AWS Marketplace with the customer’s identifier for billing. This page should look for x-amzn-marketplace-token in the form data. It should then pass the registration token value to our API to resolve for the unique customer identifier and corresponding product code. These values are used to interact with the AWS MarketplaceMetering Service and AWS Marketplace Entitlement Service APIs, so store them with the associated record. For more information, see ResolveCustomer in the AWS Marketplace Metering Service API .

I know where to place custom code in the project settings area and embedded code in the page I’ve set up for user registration here:

What I don’t know is what that code should look like. Any code examples relating to calling third party API’s in Webflow in this manner would be helpful.

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