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Am I the only one having billing issue?


Am I the only one having Webflow not being able to charge my credit card ?
Has anyone a similar issue at the moment ?
My credit card is the same as always, worked all fine until now - What can I do ?
I have just sent an email to support team but no answer yet, how much time do I have until my Webflow account shuts down completly (I really hope not!) ?


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Hi Anthony,

i don´t have issue with my credit card. Hope you getting answer from support team. Have you tried to update the card information?

Or your bank has a problem?

But let´s see how support reacts.


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Hi @grafifontis,

Thanks alot for getting back to me !
I haven’t try update my card since I can still shop online with my VISA sparkasse kredit karte.
All seems to be fine with my bank, really don’t see where the problem could be.

I hope I’ll get some help for support team.
Thanks alot !