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Am I really the only one who could use a repeating field feature?

I miss what I call a repeater field. A field where the client can add x amount of sentences/items but only 1 sentence/item per field. This field would allow me to control the HTML markup making sure it looking 100% correct frontend vs a RTE field.

Even better is if the field could be split in 2,3 or more so I could for example have a repeating group of fields e.g.

First Name Last Name Age
First Name Last Name Age
First Name Last Name Age

Here is an example I have made using books as an example:


Another person in need of a Repeater Field. Webflow is in need of this feature badly. People who have never used it, do not understand what they are missing.

Let’s say you needed a Rate Table setup in and Entry like this but you had no idea how many rows the client needs. This is where the Repeater field would shine!

Weight Type Cost
< 40 FLAT FEE $6.00
41-60 FLAT FEE $10.00
60-100 FLAT FEE $14.00
101-200 FLAT FEE $20.00
201-300 FLAT FEE $25.00
301-400 FLAT FEE $30.00
401-500 FLAT FEE $35.00
501-600 FLAT FEE $40.00
601-700 FLAT FEE $45.00
701-800 FLAT FEE $50.00
801-900 FLAT FEE $55.00
901-1000 FLAT FEE $60.00
1001-2000 PER TON $110.00
2000 + PER TON $105.00

This field should not be setup just for tables however, it should be a simple array that we can format any way we want to. The table output would be something we code to display the array.

Repeater fields in my opinion, are best when they can be used as a Grid-like setup and you can select different fieldtypes to be used for each column when needed. Don’t get me wrong, I would be happy to just have a text field repeater to start as @philipboomy has demonstrated. :slight_smile:

A simple Photo Gallery or Document Repository is another example. If you wanted to assign a Title, Thumbnail, URL, and Caption for each image or document it would be easy with a repeater field. Plus you do not have to limit your gallery to a fixed number of items as the Repeater field is limitless on the number of rows you can add.

Regardless of how you use this, the uses are massive. Almost every major CMS has this feature and it is one of the main things stopping my company from moving about 20 sites over to Webflow.

Please check out the Wishlist post someone else made for this already at and check out this great explanation of what Repeater fields are from Process Wire at

Craft CMS also has an even more advanced repeater fieldtype called Matrix I do not think we need anything quite this advanced, but maybe something along the lines of what Process Wire does or Statamic Grid

This could easily solve so many open tickets for multi-image, multi-file, photo galleries, product feature lists, rate tables, plain text tables, etc.

Please, Please, Please add this to Webflow!

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Hi guys! While EditorX already has this in their pipeline… I certainly hope Webflow quickly add this feature:



I need this feature so badly. Honestly one of the reasons why I have to steer clients away from Webflow. If they had this built in, it would be a game changer.

This is a huge setback, but I had an idea to get around it. Create a collection for anything that repeats. Say you have a collection “Movies” and you want to list out the actors. You would have to create a collection called “Actors” with the field “name”, and add a multi-reference field to “Movies” with the collection “Actors.”

Obviously this is more work than it needs to be, but it’s a lot nicer than making lists in rich text editors…

@jilll Nice workaround but we shouldn’t need to use a multi-field reference for this. Repeater fields are standard in other systems and, whilst I appreciate we’re asking Webflow to add an array into the database and that brings it’s own complexity, this could be a really useful feature for more advanced dynamic sites. Do we know if this is on the roadmap at all Webflow?

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