Am I really the only one of the 400.000 designers?

Sorry i really have to put this on the forum. At the moment I am uploading 1400 images, Original and Thumnails. Photo by photo by photo…

Question #1
Does nobody really need a multiple image uploader element?!?!?!?!

Question #2
Why is image resizing not yet ready for the CMS?!?!?!?!?!?!

I know you guys are working on great things…
But i think you forget how importent these more litttle things are for us as designers.
this will take me Three days… while it can take me 2 hours!!!

its frustrating…

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It’s still a long way but quicker than manually uploading, but if you added all the images in one folder and hosted them somewhere, you can then export all addresses to a .csv file and import that list to the designer.

It’s a bit tricky, but still easier than one-by-one

I’ve done this with 1300 products on a Webflow e-commerce store.

Its still not the solution… but we have to make something of it…
Would this be possible with Zapier and Dropbox or so?

@koen I guess your uploading to CMS?

The time issue is a valid point as it’s not time clients would really want to be charged for.

Well to be honest… my client did it before in 5 minutes and it takes him an hour now. So he’s said he’s paying me 200,- dollar an hour but i have to do it in 5 minutes…

It was with dropbox, I found something from this thread but I dug around a little more.

Hope that helps

Yes, totally agree that this is a bit of a problem/deal breaker with Webflow. I have a project with a similar amount of images required for the CMS, 400’ish items each with 4 images, and loading them one by one is not going to make anybody happy.

An image gallery field for collections is being worked on by the team. This was revealed at the last live community q&a with our CEO.


Awesome! That’s great news. Any idea when we’re likely to see it go live?
Thanks PixelGeek.

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