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Always displaying site name in page title

Hey folks,

I discovered Webflow a few weeks ago and am loving it. Paid for a plan and am converting my existing WordPress website to run fully on Webflow. Having a blast.

Anyway, I’d like my page titles to read “Peter Akkies - [page name]”. In the same way that, for example, when I log into Webflow, the page title (the text on the browser tab) reads “My sites - Webflow”.

In other words, I’d like to have "Peter Akkies - " always in the page title, with the page name itself dynamically filled in.

I know I can set this manually for every page. But is it possible to do this dynamically?

I am also aware that I can set my site name in the site settings. That’s not what I want though.

— Peter Akkies

Only with collection pages by setting that string to prepend your collection item title (or whatever dynamic value you choose). Static pages require manual title settings.

Hi @peterakkies,

As @webdev mentioned, you can set the page seo title and description using collection fields inserted to the Name and Title SEO fields in the collection page settings.

Learn more about how to do that on the article that shows how to set the SEO Title & Meta Description

In the example above it show the field Name inserted to the Title tag. Before inserting the name, you can type in the static part that does not change, i.e. “Peter Akkies -” and then insert the name field after the dash to show the name of the page.

I hope this helps

Thank you @webdev. That’s what I wanted to know. Too bad I have to do it manually for static pages, but it’s not the end of the world.

Hey @cyberdave. Yeah, I get how that works—I just wanted to know whether it was possible to have one part of the page title for static pages be dynamic. @webdev said that’s not possible. Too bad, but I’ll live. Thank you.

Hi @peterakkies, yep, that is not yet available for static pages, but it is a good idea for the Wishlist to integrate the cms with page settings for all pages static or dynamic.