Alternative to gfycat for HTML5 video


I tried to encode some HD videos of mine and upload them to Gyfcat to compress them into looping gifs (utilising HTML5 video).

It works fine on desktop browsers but on tablet and mobile they come up as black screens or they are just screenshots of a single frame and dont play.

How do i get around this??
Or is their an alternative way to create HTML5 looping videos??


I may not understand what you need exactly but there is a loop parameter for the video tag

<video loop>

yup i used the video loop tag but its still not displaying on mobile devices, just comes up as a black rectangle.
tried it out on a nexus 4 and galaxy s6.

pm’ed u the links.
site is private for the time being.

Did you also include the “poster” attribute?

even without the poster attribute a video should autoplay on mobile and tablets right???
i did set the autoplay attribute, along with no controls to show up, and also looping, i want it to behave like an animated gif.
once again works fine on desktop but not mobile devices.

Hi @Amreet_Gill, video does not autoplay on mobiles. The poster image is used instead on mobiles. That is if you use an embedded video.

If you are using an animated gif, have you tried just uploading that as an image?

What is the read-only link and which is the image with the gif?

hey @cyberdave ill send u the links via pm

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