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Alternating columns with background videos - responsiveness

Webflow - Fortress.

I am struggling with the responsiveness of the section with the videos can anyone help?

Hello @Lea_Munzer

I think it might be useful to try using aspect ratio a bit more. Right now on your mobile screen, from your vague description of the issue, I concluded you’d like to solve the video getting cropped off to the side. You can do that by using a bit more of a fixed size, I think your video would be 16:9 aspect ratio which means on every 16 px width you need to have 9px of height. Eg. 320 px wide it needs to be 180px high, if you want it to always be 100viewport width you need to base your height in vw as well, in which case it’d be 56.25 vw high. However some devices don’t support background videos on mobile viewports so that might be worth looking into in order to make sure they work as expected.

Let me know if this was helpful or if you need any other assistance,


This is what I was trying to achieve and been failing - it worked now cheers!