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Alternate paste option so we can append elements

Selecting a wrapping element and pasting something I copied from the webflow editor always prepends the element (if it can be a child). It would be nice if we could do something like alt+cmd+v to append the element.

Edit: nevermind. My fault. Webflow does indeed append when pasting. Somehow I managed to prepend my pasted elements and thought this could be improved.

Edit2: One thing though :smiley: I think webflow should autofocus on the pasted element.

Hey @Tom, yeah Webflow automatically appends to the currently selected element. There are some exceptions, for example:

  • When a grid row is selected, pasting will actually paste after the row, not inside of it (since rows should only have columns inside
  • When a selected element can’t have children (e.g. a paragraph, heading, text block, etc), it will paste after the element

We actually do have a modifier that will reverse the location where the pasted element will be inserted relative to the selected element: Command+Shift+V (Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+V (Windows):

  • If the usual paste operation would be append, holding Shift while pasting will prepend (add as the first element inside) instead
  • If the usual paste operation would be to add after (e.g. the two examples I noted above), holding Shift while pasting will add it before the selected element

Hope that helps clarify a bit :smiley:

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Cool stuff, that shortcut could come in handy. Guess you didn’t want to overload the hotkey-modal with those “secrets”. After all I didn’t find it there.

Thank’s for your detailed explanation!

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