AlterEgo Branding Site: Votes+Likes Counter - Possible?

Hello everyone, so the first thing I want to say is I’m not that knowledgeable in the coding field, so I don’t know if this is possible. What I want to achieve is something like dribbble, where you can see how many views and likes an image has received. Also, I want to have it when you click the image it will show the view and likes total but also give you the ability to share the content via twitter, facebook, Pinterest, and email. This idea is meant for the main portfolio page which hasn’t been built yet, but I do have featured works you can view.

Read Only Link:

P.S I do have a few placeholders as the site is still a work in progress.

Am I missing any extra information for someone to help, don’t mean to be offensive, I’m just trying to launch this site as soon as possible. So If something I’m doing wrong, keeping people from helping let me know.

Hi @MrInk

No problem - nothing missing - just depends on whether an expert is able to offer some advice.

I’ve updated your title to be more specific - also just to say if you need a freelancer to help you achieve this we can move the post to our freelance category.


@StuM if that could help I would appreciate it.