Alphabetical sorting in Spanish

The alphabetical sorting of a dynamic list in Spanish is incorrect. In Spanish, A and Á are the same letter (although computationally it is not the same character). So, on a list of people sorted by last name, Álvarez should go after Acero. However, Webflow puts Álvarez after Pérez.

Is it possible to correct this error so that the alphabetically sorted lists in English follow a correct order?

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If it is only those 9 people, your best bet is probably to just assign them all a number rank and filter by that instead - that way you know 100% it is in the right order.

Thanks for your suggestion, but it’s not just those nine people. There are 52 of them and there are incorporations, retirements and promotions with some frequency. It would be unfeasible to fake alphabetical order with numbers.

One other idea - have a second field for last name only, and don’t include A with the accent; just have ‘Alvarez’ instead of ‘Álvarez’. That way it displays with the accents on the site, but filters without.

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Oh, it’s a good option (maybe I’ll implement it). But it makes me uncomfortable to see a dirty database (duplication of the surname) for something that could be fixed with programming.