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Alphabetical sorting in CMS not working correctly


I have a dynamic list that has been sorting correctly alphabetically, until now.

The list, which is on the Company A-Z page, remains in alphabetical order, apart from the latest addition to the list, which has been added to the end of the list (see screenshot below).

Anyone @PixelGeek got any ideas or is this a bug?


The link you give don’t contain the table of the capture screen. . For detect a bug , The real website and the specific webpage must be accessible . Without this …you ll have no efficient help ( no help ) .
the home page has no menu ( horizontal or hambuger) so we have to search using the bottom link a page that contain one so i find the hambuher menu and a new bottom menu but even with that i don’t find the company A-Z page . …


Hi @lionel

Thanks for your comment. However, the link does work (you have clearly accessed the site as above) and the page I am talking about can be accessed via the pages tab within the designer. The name of the page is described in my original post.

I was hoping that this would be self explanatory and that someone out there can help!

Difficult to understand . Webflow let us create website( link many pages) and in the same time create alone page !
sorry for my last comment …

The post i about Debug page …so i must be able to go to the page from the home page …!!!
Where is Locate the link that goes to " with in the Designer " or " Company A-Z page" ?

Could you help me navigate to your page !!! … no problem to navigate in All the menu under Dreamweaver but I not a Webflow user !!
OK the tabe is locate in the left side and is the collection icon

So I think the problem is howto use webflow not a bug in a web page !
Could you create a from the main page a link to a page that use this collection to let me study this page ?

In the designer tool , wecan see by click on the top of the column name in the label name that the click order the column in alphabetic order and the javascript that handle this work fine .So designer OK but i can’t study the real page .



I guess as a novice or non-user of Webflow, by your own admission, you should play around with the platform as much as possible to understand it better.

The page you need to access is within the normal Pages section, above the ‘Collections’ section in your picture above. It is intentionally not linked to some of the other pages on the website. The page is called Company A-Z. The Dynamic list is on this page, which connects to the Collections section.

I hope that gives you an idea.

Any ideas @vincent?


Ok thank’s a lot for the information …

without test
I think i have the level to debug a page but not a GUI like dreamweaver desktop tool or webflow SAP tool . The only way to debug is to start from scratch and repeat the steps to see if it is reproductable .
Since i have not acces to your GUI … i can’t think i should be able to help you . But perhaps webflow let us edit the page without save the change …in this case i ll try but nothing relative to css debug ( what i like to do)

From a newbie webflow user ( yes non webflow user ) .

After look at all the page where bpost appear:
-i see i can’t edit the data in the collection
-i need to find a difference beetween bpost and all the others items and I can see 2 :

Her the two differences i can see :

  • bpost is the only one item that the publish date is different from the others .
    => unpublish all items and them republish all items .

-bpost is the only item where the first character is lower compare t othe others where the first character is Capitalize
=>change edit name bpost and change it’s name from bpost to Bpost

Do each test one by one to know if something change in the final page .
Hope this ll be helpfull


Ah! You star!
Well done - it worked.
However, I can’t believe that Webflow has not been able to distinguish between caps and lower case in an alphabetical list.
@PixelGeek something to think about?


No All javascripts is about mathematic ( compute value) and always work even we think it not . I already test by mylself in Dreamweaver that support XSLT /XML order data and I see this behaviour . Computer process number and a lot of stuff from keyboard press key b to rendering character b …( i ll not cover this here )

Really great it work for you… so it is not a bug but only show how many ( all ?) javascript libraries process data ( i think …don’t test all the javascript libraries : underscore is one of them ) .

The link has been disable so i can’t see the code of the page where item are in the right order . But i think that the javascript library use for manage data and show data is not the same .
I see in the debug borwser editor SAP editor

Already reported here

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