Allowing viewers to only be able to read 3 post a day

I was wondering if there was a functionality to allow the public access to view 3 post a day. Then a passwall will come up saying that they “ran out of views” and are able to purchase my subscription to view all post. I am trying to do this to gain more revenue for my blog post

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hi @Matthew_Fusco as far as i know there is no build in functionality like that in WF. You can achieve this limitation with custom JS code using cookies, IP address or their combinations. On another side as these restrictions are relative to time (hours, days etc.) there are ways how to go around these restrictions fairly easy so question is if setting up these restrictions is not waste of time.

I fully agree with Stan. Since you’re talking about public, non-logged-in users, you have zero reliable tracking or security. The best you can do is make it annoying for someone at device X to read more than 3/day.

It’s also slightly more complex than you think, because you need to track both what they read and when. Ideally, if a user refreshes article page X 3 times, you don’t want that to count as their 3 reads.

Cookies are probably the easiest way to store that, because you can have the browser handle the 24 hour expiration automatically ( and that’s mostly reliable ).