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Allowing readers to save our images solely as .webp files

Dear all,

One of my favorite news sites only allows us to save images as .webp files – not as .jpgs – meaning they are locked and not allowed to be opened with programs like Photoshop. Is there an easy way to implement this on Webflow websites? When our readers read our articles I want them to feel that we would not appreciate it if they were to use our images without our permission. I know this is not going to prevent all unwanted usage, but we would simply like to show – as much as possible – that we put an effort into protecting them. We do not want to use watermarks.

Any push in the right direction would be much appreciated.

Plenty of other graphics programs open WebP and Photoshop is not something that I would expect “visitors” to use. If you are talking about other web designers / graphic designers I would doubt that any them can’t deal with a WebP image. And since Wordpress now supports that format all they would need to do is just upload them as there would not be a need to change it.

As for handling WebP in Webflow, that can only be done by using custom code, and off Webflow hosting for the images.

I recently built a LQIP test on Webflow using Cloudinary generating WebP when the browser supports it, with responsive sizes optimized for the browser/viewport, so It can be done.

IMHO, don’t waste your time unless your are seeking better page speed by reducing image sizes with the new format and are ready to put up with the extra work. Now that IOS is handling them fine, I see no reason to hold back on WebP support @WEBFLOW.