Allow users to create a customized livestream page (and add their own embed link)

I would like to allow my customers to create semi-customizable livestream pages. There are a few facets to this, but the one I’m most confused about now is I’d like to automate this to a degree and I’m not sure how:

  • I can allow my customers to (via a form, Google sheet, whatever) input a few points of data (event title, company name)
  • How to let them enter in the embed code of their livestream in a manner that autmatically adds it to the page.

Those are the two primary issues I am having, but I will add a third quesiton…

  • In consideration of both the issues above, can I also automate the process of them creating their own livestream page?

Lastly, I don’t have a site for this yet as I’d like to generally understand viability before I dive in. I’ve searched around quite a bit this morning, but I haven’t found much that seemed promising.


You should be able to achieve this with Google Form/Airtable -> Zapier -> Webflow CMS integration.
Since, webflow doesn’t allow users/visitors to input or add a new CMS Item.

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Thanks for the info, Denny! Greatly appreciated.