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Allow clients to add items to form dropdown

It seems there is not a way for a client (using the editor) to be able to add items to a drop down in the form. Does anyone know if this is possible?

It’s for an enquiry form on a landing page, the items are cms but theres no way (that I can tell) of being able to add those new items to the dropdown dynamically or allowing the client to add them manually. We could always embed a third-party form, however this is not ideal as its another cost to factor in.

If anyone has a suggestion please let me know :slight_smile:

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No, there isn’t a way for clients to add form fields via the editor, unfortunately.

Hi @kanegarland - This is is not a bug. It us just not a feature. So I changed the category to publishing help -> custom code.

It should be possible to use JavaScript to get the value from a CMS item field, then write it out to the select options of a particular select field.

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