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Just finished up this client site. It’s small but gets the job done. Looking at moving client’s main site over to web flow as well. Think I’ll wait for the big announcement that is supposed to happen this month.


Haha I love the spam filter! That’s great :smiley:

Thanks. Can’t take credit though…I found the code for it in the forum. Not too worried about spam since it’s not a Wordpress site but just in case. I’ve used it on another site that gets a fair amount of traffic and haven’t had any spam issues…so far.

Nice and does the job done as you said. Did you put 39 on bold? :smile:

Navigating your site on Chrome, it gave me an idea. So I scroll back to the top quickly using the trackpad, swiping two fingers down, and Chrome has this elastic behavior, momentum that makes the site scroll a bit lower than its very top. So for a brief moment you see some white under the site.

I wondered if this white was the body… Inspected the body, added red as bg-color and…

Sure it’s the body.

So from now on I’ll declare a nice, subtle dark pattern on the body element, so when someone hits this momentum, he’ll get feeling that there’s a nice wallpaper way under the website.

Maybe I could even add a little nice icon, smiley face, inspirational message, or my designer signature why not…

It’s in the little details :smile:

Yes, I put 39 on bold…thought it was funny. That white at the top happens on most browsers and is absolutely the page background. Often I make it the same color as the header area. I’ll change it to the header color in this case.

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