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All Trials Says It Should Work - Then it doesn't

I’ve spent hours this entire weekend refreshing my website. Did everything to test it out before uploading it to my host (Go Daddy). Took screen shots of what the home page looked like after being uploaded. What a mess!

I deleted the new upload and reloaded the old code so my company website remains functional.

Any idea what went wrong? Thank you.

BTW - The ABOUT page was as equally messed up as the HOME page. I suspect whatever is messing up the HOME page is doing the same everywhere else.

Here is the read only link:

And here is the link to the weblfow .io test of the home page: site

Does it point to the correct CSS file?

Hello @UrMarkGetSetGo,

I checked the published link on the latests version of chrome and there are no problems. What browser are you using?

Thank you Pablo. I am using Chrome.

Hey @UrMarkGetSetGo, that is weird because on my end it look nothing like in your pictures, it looked just like in the webflow preview. Try opening your site on incognito mode and disabling all the chrome extensions.

I followed the same procedures/steps to load new code as I used for the old code (CSS file and all).

Ok Pablo - I will reload it again to Go Daddy - and try to view it incognito mode. Give me a few minutes to come back w the results.

So weird indeed! It works in the incognito window and iphone. Still messed up on the browser I am operating in right now. Guess I will have to clear history and refresh. But it is working. Thank you.

Im glad it worked out @UrMarkGetSetGo, try clearing your cache and test again.