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All symbols are tagged universally?

Here’s the share link to the project in question:

I have my nav bar and footer set up as symbols to allow universal editing across all pages. I usually tag these elements in settings as “Nav” and “Footer” using the dropdown in their respective setting panels. Noticing that if I assign my nav bar symbol as “Nav”, all other symbols in my site change to “Nav”. If I double click into the symbol and try to assign the tag there, I lose the dropdown option to select these common types. Is there a conflict with they way I’m trying to do this. Is the alternative to assign the tag in the custom attributes field?

Many thanks.

I don’t think so. Tagging a div as footr will give the code <footer ...>. Adding a custom attribute will do something like <div name=value ...>

At the moment if I try to give Nav to your nav symbol it takes it, but as soon as I select elsewhere, it loses it.

However, your footer seems to retain its footer tag.

So your navbar is:

<div class="w-nav navbar" data-collapse="medium" data-animation="default" data-duration="400"><a class="w-nav-brand w--current" href="/">

and your footer is:

<footer class="w-section footer-section"><div class="w-container footer-container">

I thought that when you use a Webflow Navbar widget, it will deal with the tags for you even if it’s turned to a symbol.

look what the codes turns to when you drag a div, put your navbar symbol in it and give the div the nav tag:

<nav><div class="w-nav navbar" data-collapse="medium" data-animation="default" data-duration="400">...</div></nav>

If you look at webflows’ UI, you have 2 nav elements, but in the code only the outer div, that’s outside the symbol, gets the <nav> element:

I tend to put symbols into containers, and to put a container for anything inside the symbol too, so I never have to style the element that’s turned to the symbol.

Maybe you’re facing a but because you’ve been manipulating the navbar a lot during design. now that you know what you want, try to redo it from scratch and check in the exported code when the navbar tends to lose its <nav> tag.

Edit: I’ve never checked that before. Webflow gives the nav tag to a lower element, the actual container of nav links.

I was under the idea that the nav element should be placed to the uppest parent, under the body, and there’s no reason for that.

So at the moment, your nav element is there, your footer is too.

And your search bar has no tag I think.

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