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All of my "fixed" images don't seem to be working

Hi folks,

Here’s my public:

All of my fixed images were working up until a day or two ago, but now they aren’t…Any ideas? Or maybe it’s just me? All of the header images are supposed to be fixed.


Hi @ag3nt7, could you give an example element, that has a fixed background? If you can provide the page and name of the element that does not work? We can take a look… cheers, Dave

Hi cyberdave,

All of the top images on every page are supposed to be fixed. For example, if you go to the cbmn page the top image (CBMN Hero Section - Frostbyte Arctic Project.jpg) is supposed to be fixed, but as I scroll, it is not fixed. This is the exact same case for all of the top images on all of the main pages (except terms/privacy/contact pages). It’s possible that it is only happening in my view, as I am using a temporary setup while on “vacation”.

Thanks for taking a look!

Same thing happens on the home page (Hero Section - Frostbyte Interactive - Ideas take off-r50.jpg, and so on…

Ok @ag3nt7, I think I am just looking too much at a monitor :smile: I will go take a look :smile: Get back soon…

Totally understand! No rush. It just seemed to work before, and now it isn’t. It may be my current setup, though, as I’m using a laptop running windows 8 that I’m not used to at all!

I just browsed your link all the images in all hero sections are indeed fixed and seem to work as you want them to.


It also works on your public link within Webflow.

You need a solid reboot maybe :slight_smile:

Thanks so much vincent - I was guessing that it was just me!


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