All new pages I create remain Untitled and naming doesn't work

Strange problem suddenly occurred. I cannot give the name or rename any of my pages on my website (e-commerce standard site). I have only two static pages on my website at the moment. One called “Home”. Another one is called “Shop”. Now I wanted to create the new page so I pressed “Create New page” and under the Title Tag I gave it the name “Blog”. And pressed “Save button”. But it was not renamed. The name is still remains “Untitled”. I deleted and tried to give it different names couple of times but nothing works. What could be the problem?

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Sorry. It was my bad and it’s a stupid mistake of a new webflow user. The problem was that the “General” menu of the Page settings where the actual name has to be typed was collapsed, and because of that I was entering the name in the wrong field “Title tag” instead of in “Page name”. :grin: