All my fonts were loading and bloating

Update: Nevermind. Google does not save your selections. :weary: Anyone know how to save your favorite fonts?

Hello everyone. :cowboy_hat_face:

So recently I checked my code with Chrome’s Inspect tool and I noticed that in the HTML opening tag that it loaded every single font I had:

I’m not into bloated code so I was on the case.

So I recently learned that all the fonts loaded are project specific. Then I was like “ah hell nah, how do we save our favorites”?

It’s not obvious, but the way I’m doing it for now is when you’re selecting google fonts, make sure and add them to what is called “Selected Families” within the “Google Fonts” page. Then you have to remember the name and search for it in the list in Webflow. I’m going to have to write down all my favorites I saved in my webflow project and put them there. Then delete them out of my project.

When at at the very top you’ll see 3 little “:black_small_square:” with a “+”. Its label is “View Your Selected Families.” It will be empty if you have not used it and all you need to do is click into the fonts you like and select the styles you want. It will add it all there. :partying_face: