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All my css becomes lowercase after export

Hi, webflow export function remove Capitalized character in my Classes. I really need it because i’ve got Capital in a css stylesheet and I don’t want to remove all of them. Can you provide a fix or workaround? When I do an export my Classe do not remain Capitalized like this : cbp-l-loadMore-button-link, but instead become cbp-l-loadmore-button-link.

Thanks a lot.

I think the only workaround at the moment, is for you to change the case of your css files to all lowercase to match what webflow generates. Webflow support can comment more…

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Is there is a Quick way to do this ? I use Coda 2.

Hi, I use Coda 2 also :smile:

What I do, is first make backup copy of your css file (in case you have some issues with some javascripts and need to revert).

Install the Text Tools 2 plugin into coda:

Unzip and install that plugin. Select all the CSS in the file, right click and from context menu, select Scripts–>Lowercase

Now all items in css are lowercase.

Then try it out with your webflow. Keep in mind, that is some javascript or jquery function is still referencing css with camelCase, you need to change those to lowercase also… but you just have to play around with it, and see if everything works, but maybe some additional modifications might be necessary…

I am trying to remember if Coda 2 has native lowercase conversion, but since I use so many Coda 2 plugins, I find it easier just to use those… you should be able to download the plugin I listed, unzip that and just double click to install…

Good luck mate!

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