All links on site disappeared suddenly in safari, everything fine in chrome

Hello, I am looking for some help on a website I put together. I am a novice and am not really good at webdesign.
The website is

All of a sudden all the links on the website are invisible on safari browser.
There is no problem on chrome or firefox.

The links should be in black (#000000) and blue on hover (#0000FF). For some reason, they just dissapeared on safari.

See the attached screenshots for difference between safari and chrome.

Can someone please check the code and see what went wrong here? The site is built with a wordpress theme called suidobashi.

Thank you very much

Took a quick look, the menu text is there but on Safari I think it’s in white. I simply added color: black; to the div#mobile-menu-toggle css in developer tools and the menu was then showing. Hope that points you in right direction>

No code is involved, moved to design help category.

Thank you Dave, this fixed it!