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All links on home page link to the same page


I have an issue where on my home page every link gets directed to the our work tab even though the link clearly says it’s redirecting to a different page. I’ve contacted support but all they can say is it’s probably because of my custom code. I’ve been looking through the code but I can’t seem to find the solution.

Hopefully, someone can give me some perspective on what went

Copy of the read-only site: Webflow - wsh wsh

Edit: This does not seem to happen in the read-only version but does happen in the published version :

Thanks in advance!

hi @Hans_Market I have checked both links and nav is working as expected

I have cleared my cache and I still get this problem. Any idea what is causing this?

Also, I tried in incognito and it works the first time, but afterwards it goes broken again. Did you navigate multiple times?

hi @Hans_Market links works for me.

Alright! Thanks very much for testing it out for me! Guess I had to worry for nothing then :smile:

hi @Hans_Market if problem doesn’t persist feel free to close this issue

Not sure how to close a topic :sweat_smile:

I have checked both links and nav is working as expected, thanks for help me

it looks that Melani florex is spam. Is there any option how to report these kind of users in simple way to let admins to look on these types of accounts?

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