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All Links not working (solved)

Some of the clients went to the website and found that none of the external links in the website were working. So it is.
Can someone help? When in design mode it works cool but when exported, even with the webflow sublink is not working.

Here is the link:

Hey @Daniel_Sun. I went to the link in your post just now & then went to Preview mode & was able to get to the AKI BERGEN links w/ no problem (facebook, soundcloud and Pre$$kit)

What wasnt working for me was the Menu Hamburger icon link. Everything else was working fine.

Are there specific links they’re saying are not working?

In preview mode it does work. It doesn’t when exported.

@Daniel_Sun it looks like you added some custom code before the </body> that is causing those links to fail. If you remove that code, the links will start working again.