All-in-one-code instead of 3 single codes?

Hey Community, this is Philipp.

I have a small experience with HTML and CSS but never came across JS in my small “webdesign career”. Here’s my question: I would like to insert a graphic created with webflow into my homepage. What is hardly to get for me is that webflow gives me three single codes (html, css, js).

I know to use and to combine those codes into one html-code, which worked perfectly with css. Since the js-code is about 50 pages long, I do not know how to combine this one with the others.

How can I do that?

Is there a way to get an “all-in-one-code” instead of three single ones?

I appreciate any kind of help, thank you in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Emil's Initial Project