All Heading 6 in Tab Group have same text

Hey, I’m trying to edit the text on the Cards in a tab group around halfway down my main page but when I edit one heading, the heading on all the other cards changes as well and I’m not sure why. The cards used to get their data from a list of products but I got rid of that so the content comes over properly when exporting the code.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

[1]: http://

Your cards are still in a collection list.

Oh, how would I go about safely removing the content from the collection list? When I try to drag the food card out it tells me that I cannot move the “Add to cart” out of the Collection List.

Sounds like you’ve got some things to clean up, if you’re exporting your code- you will not only lose CMS features but ECommerce, Logic, Memberships, form submit handlers, dynamic sitemap.xml, etc.

You’ll want to remove your use of those features just like you’re removing your CMS dependencies, so your exported site will work.

Short answer,

  • you don’t need add to cart, and it won’t work in exported code. Remove it.
  • Unlink everything that’s connected to the CMS
  • Drag your card out
  • Delete the Collection List
  • Create your own grid and replicate it as static content
  • Edit each card instance to your liking

Rinse and repeat everywhere in your site.