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All grid elements on published live sites are broken right now!

Hey! What is happening right now webflow?
All my projects which are using the grid element are broken. The layout is crashed.
I needed to republish all my client sites!
Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE…

Anyone else having this huge problem?

@Nilson - In slack I was told by a staff member that there was a release that affected site CSS on some sites. They said they were going to roll that back. If you republished your sites to fix it you will have to republish again once they roll back. I don’t know when that happens exactly. I expect they will make some kind of announcement soon.

Thank you for that response. I really hope, that they are fixing this.
But I absolutely cannot understand why we were not informed.
It’s such an important change and it damages my customer loyalty…

I too had issues after checking some of my sites. Had to pause all my client PPC campaigns that were based on Webflow hosting. So money is being lost. I have already had to answer a couple of clients. I became aware of this through another forum post and raised a red flag in Slack on a moderator channel.

I can’t offer an explanation since it is not in my realm. Hopefully we will see a full disclosure from Webflow soon.

Things like how many sites affected and how long are questions I have. All I know is when your site has rendering issues it reflects upon the site brand. So this is a serious issue. Personally I was stunned to see that a patch release affected sites that were published BEFORE THE PATCH RELEASE.

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Thank you for mention this problem in Slack.
I really need to know, when they are going to roll that patch back.

For the record I believe Webflow as a disclosure issue; they are slow to do it. I figured they would have posted regarding this by now. Maybe they can’t roll the patch back? Or a bunch of people are on Zoom debating the next steps. If I get any news I promise to post. Now off to recover lost time.


Maybe I am being dense, but I didn’t know that Webflow could change a published site after it had been published. Also still no explanation from anyone at Webflow :frowning:

I did not know that either. Apparently a patch release modified the renderer and that triggers a stylesheet rebuild as a result (automatic). Some CSS rules targeting CSS Grid elements changed targeting to non existing elements (ID mismatch I am guessing). Republishing fixed those rules. I was told that when they rollback the renderer that may force us to republish again. A asked them to address this directly as I did not want to be a middle man. Crickets since I got this info.

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A note from our engineering team who worked tirelessly yesterday getting this fixed.

Over the past 24 hours or so, certain pages utilizing CSS Grid displayed incorrect layouts due to changes in how we render HTML and CSS for Grid. This issue has been fixed, and it is being applied to all affected sites automatically. It may take some time for the fix to reach your site automatically, but you can immediately apply this fix by publishing any affected pages. If you still see CSS Grid layout issues on your site, please reach out to our customer support team.


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Thank you for that information.
If something like that is happening again,- PLEASE set up an live status page with notification options, so that we (the agencys and designers) can react faster and activate something like “w´re back soon”- pages.

I know this status page, but what I´m talking about is kind of a live-feed for impactful issues.
And an option to activate an alert-email with something like “An issue may effect your site,- please check your site for errors.

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I couldn’t agree with you more @Nilson on this. Kind of lame we have to find out here.

100% agree, the silence on this in the meantime was appalling. Things can go wrong, that’s not a problem, but zero communication with no idea what going on? Now that’s a problem.

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I still have this problem, I used CSS Grid to arrange some DIV-boxes and when I publish my site the boxes are not visible at all. Already tried re-publishing etc.

@fblome - The issue that this topic about should not be affecting you or current projects after they have been published. You should open a new topic and provide more details and your read-only project share link.

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