ALL dynamic collection links broken

I am using two dynamic collections on the site

About five minutes ago all of the links to anything within both dynamic collections stopped working and now only reach a 404 page. There was no update, no title or url changes, all the urls appear to be correctly linked.

All the links on this page:
And all the news/blog links on this page:

This is happening on both and our super77/

Hello @Chavilah

I went through a few of them and they seem to work just right, have you tried them in another browser?


@aaronocampo thanks for taking a look!

The error was on my end.

I used code from to disable the automatic blue hyperlinks for date/time text on IOS (mobile devices were picking up the text “Saturday morning” in the first paragraph on the home page as a date to add to the calendar) - the code fixed the IOS problem but also broke all of the links to my dynamic collections.

All better now.

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