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All collection fields not available

I’m only starting to use collections but for some reason all the fields that I define and fill in are not available when I go to edit the collection page templates. It seems very random. For example I have:
• Hero image
• image 2
• image 3
yet I only have access to “hero image” and “image 2” when editing the collection page templates.

Any help appreciated

I’m getting the same problem with text fields, it seems really random. Sometimes I select a text box and it doesn’t even give me the option to get the text from the collection. Other text boxes on the same page do ?!?!? what am I doing wrong?

Could you post a read-only link? :slight_smile:

I’m afraid I can’t, I’m under strict NDA.
I tried posting screen grabs but the associated dropdowns collapse as soon as i try to do a screen grab…

Ah I see. Well one issue you may be having is not selecting the correct element. For example, If you selected a rich text field when building the collection, you also have to select a rich text field to place in the dynamic item.

Unfortunately I am not sure what else it could be!

Hope this helps a bit. Best of luck!


I thought it could be that but it’s not.
I’m having the issue with images, text fields AND rich text fields. Some work and some don’t yet they are all exactly the same…
As an example, I have 2 text blocks within the same page. One let’s me select content from the collection fields and the other one doesn’t.

Also as mentioned above the “image 3” is never available.

To top things I’m trying to delete the field that doesn’t work to create it again but I can’t. I’m getting the message: “This field is currently used by either a dynamic list or a collection page template and cannot be deleted.” yet this is NOT true as I can’t select that field when editing the collection page tempate!

A browser restart seems to have resolved it. Fingers crossed!

It’s all happening again!!!
Do I have to restart Chrome every time I create a new field?
I’m on a mac with El Capitan and Chrome Version 52.0.2743.116 (64-bit)

Is this a bug?

Interesting. If it is a bug it has escaped the scope of my expertise! haha and unfortunately I would have no idea without the sharable link! :frowning:

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