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All CMS items have broken links? 4XX

Wondering if anyone can help. The CMS collection items are all showing as broken links on AHREFS. The original url slug is:


The broken links ones are showing as:


Does anyone know why the .com/ extension is generated at the end?

The pages are working for original urls, but 130 pages are affected, and the AHREFS site audit score has dropped from 99/100 to 7/100 so it must be messing up SEO on the site.

Any ideas?


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Were you going to share a URL where someone can view the issue?

Yes it’s:

Joinwurly. com

I’m assuming that your CMS template configuration for these /architects is adding the .com/ extensions by a code that is rewriting the canonical at the or somewhere in the page as a custom code.

Thank you for your response. Ahrefs is showing the CMS template pages as 200 status code and they are working, but internal out links are broken.

Will check custom code for template**.** Would I need to do 301 redirect for all 130 affected pages? If so, would this amount of 301s negativity impact site SEO and speed?

Now I see the problem.

The company profile details pages that send links to the owner’s website in the about section are adding your domain and folder (“”) in front of that outgoing links. It’s mostly the CMS templating issue that is dynamically decorating links at this section that is causing this.

Amazing, thank you for your help. Problem solved.

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