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All Blog Post Template Classes Deleted


All my classes for my blog post templates were removed after copy and pasting the final draft of a blog post

Read-only Link:

Browser Version: Google Chrome Version 50.0.2661.102 (64-bit)

Device/OS: Macbook Pro – OSX El Capitan Version 10.11.4 (14B25)

Steps to Reproduce:

Open blog post item collection
paste final draft of blog post
click save this blog post
return to designer
all pre-styled classes are back to default
restored to the last known working version
didn’t work


Hi @finlayconn, thanks for the report. When you say “post the final draft of the blog post” do you mean, posting content into the rich text field?, is the missing classes on the Blog Post template page?

yes, posting content into the rich text field in the cms editor.

Yes, but I have now recovered the version before all the classes were removed.

Is this issue still happening on your end?

Not at the moment. After getting the backup, I haven’t had the same problem. Still wanted to bring it up in case someone had similar issues.

ok. let us know if it happens again. Thanks :slightly_smiling:

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