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Alignment Issue of Website in different phones


There are some alignment issues on my website.

For the sections with people’s bio, while my phone show a decent alignment, somebody tells me that there are some green protrusion, as in the below picture. Anybody know how can I solve this problem? Or Can it even be solved? Thanks all in advance

P.S please ignore the pink words haha.

Preview URL:

What do you mean?

Next, if the problem is on phones please attach screenshot of mobile view (Not desktop) + Also add live url.

General problems:


Change height to min-height.



Change this:


**or change display to block (Why do you need flexbox here?)


Remove this negative margin & width 500px

Change to:

duplicated class issue

Last. Use the same class for all of your images (Same style = same class== >DRY) - not image39, image13, image345 and so on! to “team-thumbnail”.

Not Paragraph 19, Paragraph 23, Paragraph 34, Paragraph 134 ==> But one class “team-description”.

Not div343 div2345 di3434 ==> (team-card)