Alignment for containers & content in that container for different interface

Hi guys, I’m trying replicate this website as an exercise with webflow.

However I’m stuck in some points and couldn’t find the solution.
Here is the link to my site:

I’m having issues with

  1. The Youtube video couldn’t rounded the corner.
  2. Endless slider (for example, when click on slide 4 on my site, it reverts back to slide 1, but not in a loop like viralcuts original… I also don’t know if webflow allow designing the faded/ effect like the original
  3. The “We create perfectly structured shorts.” section is my breaking point. I couldn’t make the section react to different interface sizes like the original :((( the alignment for each frame is wrong. And I couldnt make it goes from 3 collumns to 1 collumn in iphone mode, or a stack in ipad mode

Please ifyou have any tutorial or tips please help me.
Thank you so much!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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