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Alignment and clipping issues with website

Hello Webflow community.

I am having two issues with my portfolio that I am building.

The first one is a problem with certain alignment. The problem is only arising when I load up the page with Chrome on my work laptop/desktop. The background faint white lines under the section backdrop are shifting to the right when loading.

When I am in the editor mode they are aligned correctly and when I am preview mode they are also aligned correctly. however, just loading the page as a URL, it shifts.
Second to that when I use My iPad pro or my Mac at home they are aligned correctly again.

The second issue I am having is the clipping on the load animation for the name TOM TUCKER under the section ‘title section’. it works on all devices except on my iPad pro 2020. the shift of the gradient colour which is clipped is just not loading at all.

the image below shows the backdrop section off alignment and shows what the clipping colour should be.

Website URL

editor link

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